Our Design Philosphy

- Allow Clients to communicate their needs.

- Realise design outcomes that exceed Client expectations

- Design for functional planning, to see the big picture

- Complement site landforms

- Maximise site potential

- Design to minimise energy use

- Design for environmental sustainability

- Projects to be easily built, to keep the rain out, and to last

- Design projects that look right and feel right

- Design on time and on budget

Design Success

A mark of success for us is that almost all of our Clients are still happily occupying their projects years after construction (up to 25 years).

Many times, creative solutions have been found where none appeared likely to a Client.

Practically all of our projects achieve all of the objectives of our Design Philosophy.

A significant proportion of our business is by referral or repeat work, demonstrating our clients’ faith in our capabilities.

Our three dimensional CAD system enables Clients to view their projects easily from any angle right from the beginning.

Due in part to our investment in current technology, we are very efficient and quickly responsive to client’s needs.

Royal Australian Institute of Architects awards 2000: we were awarded the Blacket Award for architecture of the most outstanding merit.

the cost of architecture

Architectural services and fees are agreed at the beginning. Mostly fixed lump sum fees paid progressively at each stage of the project.

Therefore you know the costs up front, rather than “design” cost being included in building costs.

The benefits are that you brief the Architect directly so that you get what you want… + delight.

Architects design for you.


All things being equal, places that are NOT well designed don’t sell well. On the one hand, they don’t suit the buyers and on the other, the buildings cost too much to knock down and start again (or redesign).

Places that sell well, are in good locations and have well designed buildings, or are vacant (or near vacant) sites where you can do your own thing.

Looks Can Be Deceptive

A building that looks a million dollars is better value than one that cost a million dollars.

Well designed buildings, quality for quality, quantity for quantity, cost no more than poorly designed buildings. However if, or when, it comes to resale you reap the rewards.

Well designed buildings include an element of delight which doesn’t necessarily cost more, it simply gives more.

Delight occurs in many ways - not simply visual. There is the drama of the unexpected, the comfort without effort, it just feels right.


“I know what I want and no design is required - just draw it up and make it work.”

Sometimes this is all that is required. And sometimes owners miss an opportunity to add the value that can come from an Architect’s input. On good sites this limitation can be a big mistake, sometimes not realised until the time of re-sale.

Some may think that architects are too expensive and they can save money on design. Save $5 000 on design and miss out on the extra value of more than $100 000. Others may say that this makes as much sense as leaving out the foundations. Those who have well designed buildings reap the rewards.

Draughting (drafting) services, building "designers": it is ironic that anyone can call themselves a designer (but not a registered architect), and that architects are generally the only people who have been taught how to design. Draughting services are usually good at technical matters. However, you need design ability combined with technical ability.

In short - if you need design, you need someone able to design - you need an architect.