The Architectural Process

One thought needs to be held uppermost in our minds – we design for you and your site – not us. Whilst we bring expertise and experience to your project, it is your project and you have the final say.

Initial briefing is meeting generally on your site and you briefing us on what you want – your objectives. We then write a proposal based on our understanding and this agreement forms the basis of our Client and architect agreement.

Preliminary design (sketch design) is the first stage where you see a three dimensional computer simulation of your design. Included is the site analysis and on commercial, aged care and industrial projects, feasibility studies (bulk and location studies). At this point the essence of the design is resolved - many times with a better outcome than Client's could have hoped for. When you are happy with the design we move on to the next stage.

Developed design is the refinement of the design and addition of all the information council requires to approve the development application. This includes shadow analysis, energy and water assessments (BASIX) statement of environmental effects. Consultants may be required – estimating, landscaping, traffic, heritage, engineering etc depending on the nature of the project. We have a very high success rate with council approvals.

Construction documentation is the addition of information to enable builders to price your project and to build. This is information not required for a DA – kitchens and bathrooms, fittings, finishes, colours, details etc. Included are council’s requirements for the construction certificate application.

Contract administration is gaining prices from builders on your behalf, forming a contract on your behalf and administering the contract. Not all Clients require us to administer their contract, preferring to work directly with a builder or with a project manager.


Most Clients prefer us to assess fees on a fixed lump sum basis. These are agreed at the beginning, and are for each stage of the project as design and documentation work proceeds and milestones are achieved.

Consultants fees are agreed on a similar basis. We brief the consultants and forward their proposals for your approval.

Where the scope of work is open ended, fees can be charged on a time charge basis with an agreed ceiling.

Computer simulation of your building; We use sophisticated software (CAD) to simulate your project in three dimensions. This enables us to offer an efficient service of very high standard with clear well co-ordinated drawings and very fast response times.

Board of Architects PDF files

-Working With an Architect (53kb)

-Architects' Code of Professional Conduct (403kb)